On 19 March 2020 I received a call from EY. On 20 March 2020 less than 24 hours later Red je Boeketje went live and in just 1 month we sold over 53,000 bouquets of flowers and achieved a turnover of over €800,000. This means we can help hundreds of growers.

Of course this site was not created to make a profit for Redje Pakketje. However, we have since been asked by dozens of people how you can set up such a successful new channel within 24 hours.

Together with Jorit, Janusz and Renno I wrote an e-book so you too can launch a webshop within 24 hours. Especially for everyone who is looking for new opportunities and sales channels. In our first e-book you can read about the 4 steps to build a new online sales channel. Of course the e-book is completely free!

In the first 4 days we offered the book we reached over 100.000 people and within 2 weeks the book was downloaded over 1.000 times!

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We know that everyone can follow the steps, even without digital knowledge. Everyone can seize new opportunities, even in times of crisis. We see that online is developing faster than ever before. So there is still plenty of room left on the digital shelves. Grab your chance, we'll help you. Together we can beat this crisis 💪