Sam Rohn

My name is Sam Rohn. I am a 30-year-old entrepreneur with now over 10 years of experience and several successes to my name. The past few years have been a huge rollercoaster for me. In fact, over the past ten years I have built three successful businesses of varying sizes. And sold them again.

When I was 17 years old my path began with FairMobiel with which I, together with my brother Kay (2 years younger) , brew high quality Fairtrade and eco-friendly Peeze coffee at large events. We started this in 2011 when the last crisis was still in full swing. We specialised in barista quality coffee on location and in volume. This gave us an excellent start. Although the company never became huge, it gave us a strong start financially because of the high margin on coffee while at the same time we made the world a little better with the low impact coffee in biodegradable cups.

After FairMobiel, Jimmy Joy followed in 2014. With Jimmy Joy we produced ready-to-eat nutrition shakes and bars for a global market. When I sold my interest in 2018 our products could already be found in 86 countries and in the Netherlands even at the Albert Heijn supermarket. Jimmy Joy made millions in sales within a year due to the large amount of international press (see also the press page) without external investors. During the shipping for Jimmy Joy I was discouraged by the quality of the existing carriers. In my perception this could be better and at the peak in 2015 I got in the car myself to start delivering our own packages in Amsterdam. From this was born:

Save Your Package. Red je Pakketje was founded in 2016 and has grown into a company with nearly a thousand employees and additionally many hundreds of partners. Red je Pakketje was the market leader in the Netherlands in same day delivery, providing this service for more than 3,500 (e)-retailers including,, de Bijenkorf, Douglas, Ikea and Amazon. At Save Your Parcel we had whole new challenges again including attracting investors to finance the capital intensive start up. Many opportunities also came along including helping the lonely elderly and Dutch ornamental growers through our Red je Boeketje initiative. Although we launched this initiative in 1 day, in just 4 weeks during the first lock down we were able to save over 50,000 bouquets from the landfill and use them to make lonely elderly people happy.

One of the most recent services we have launched in the market is which was later renamed to have a more international reach. This allowed everyone to use our services from as early as 1 shipment, allowing even the newest webshops to compete with the big names. For everyone it was thus possible to offer next-day delivery when ordered up to 23:59. This service grew about 20% week over week. I remained involved with Save Your Package until early October 2022.

Save Your Package was acquired in 2021 by Instabox, a Swedish player in the delivery market with a strong focus on delivery via parcel lockers. Instabox merged with Budbee in late 2022 and changed its name to Instabee. After announcing this fussion, Instabox unfortunately pulled the plug on Red je Pakketje and Instabox Netherlands. 

Of course I have also made enough mistakes. Together with my brothers, I lost a lot of money setting up a coffee kiosk in Arnhem. I try to learn as much as possible from such mistakes. I do this from both the successes and the failures. This is how I try to develop my businesses faster and better in order to achieve even greater success together.

A small disclosure: I am dyslexic. Despite the fact that I often have my work checked, you will undoubtedly encounter spelling errors. For example, I regularly make d/t mistakes. Also I often mix up "said" and "she". However, these errors have never stopped me from achieving my goals and I won't worry about them while writing my blogs. If you spot one, you can always let me know. Then I can remove it immediately.

In recent years, I have been asked to become a mentor at NLGroeit. I have enjoyed advising various companies and start-ups. I notice that there is a lot of demand for knowledge and information about starting and growing companies, despite the many books and articles that have been written about it. With this blog I want to help people to gain knowledge about this subject. I also want to give them simple tools to avoid pitfalls and overcome obstacles. 

I am currently busy launching a new company with two new vernoten. In my private life, I am a proud father of a wonderful, 6-year-old son and two-year-old daughter and engaged to a wonderful girlfriend. However, I do invest in start-ups as an Angel Investor. A key requirement is that these start-ups are led by passionate entrepreneurs who are facing challenges. The risk of these start-ups is often still high because I get in at an early stage, but they can make a difference.

The topics in my blogs vary greatly. Depending on what I'm currently involved with, my blogs can range from start-up ideas, must-read books or articles I've come across to tips and tricks on funding. I've made money in different ways in my young life and love to share my story about it. Take advantage of it and let me know about your successes!

If you have questions or comments or want to share something great, send me a linkedin message!