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Entrepreneur bites - Ready-made 5 min lessons - Working with a growth mindset

Growth. Everyone who owns a business strives for it. To make your business grow, you need a growth growth mindset .. With a growth mindset, you can see problems as challenges, because you keep looking for solutions. What exactly do I mean by this mindset? You can read it here.

Climbing stairs

Imagine a rock with a steep staircase against it. You start to climb it. Halfway up, a few steps are suddenly missing. What do you do: stop climbing the stairs and turn around, or do you chop a few steps in the rock wall and keep going? Teams that work with a growth mindset chop new steps in the wall together. They are solution-oriented in order to reach their goal.

That goal is by no means always an increase in turnover (which I wrote about in this blog ). Growth is more about development: growing as a person, a team and an organisation, and in the way you look at problems and solutions. If you have a growth mindset, you see the individual steps that lead to the goal and start climbing stairs. Without that mindset, you only see that big rock, an obstacle. The growth mindset breaks down obstacles into manageable pieces: what actually needs to be done to overcome those obstacles? You keep looking forward and face the next challenge with good courage.

To the top

It sounds obvious, but it is not easy, I know. Especially as your business grows. You don't want to have to explain why you do things the way you do, but it is still important for the entire team to know 'why' (see Simon Sinek). Even when it comes to small projects. Because why are they important in the bigger picture? The road to the top should not be questioned - the question should be: do we want to get to the top? And why? Those who answer in the affirmative and with good reason will not be held back by anything.

Communication is key

What it all comes down to, as so often - also with the growth mindset in an organisation - is that good communication is essential. If, as a manager, you ask your team to do things that are counterintuitive, a clear explanation is crucial. It is also important to create a safe environment, so that colleagues know that it is okay to make a mistake and that their manager will still support them. Only together can you make the organisation grow with a growth mindset , as long as everyone is on the same page.

An example. At Red je Pakketje, we wanted our routes to leave earlier during the busy month of December, so that the same driver could deliver more. One of our team leaders explained to the team that this idea had come about in order to save costs. But if there's one thing you don't want to hear when you're working your ass off, putting in massive amounts of overtime and still getting angry customers, it's that you need to cut costs. While this was not even the reason! Yes, making a route longer is cheaper than using an extra route, but the capacity of the premises had been reached, so the efficiency per car had to be increased. This saved costs, but the main goal was to reduce the workload proportionally. When colleagues understood that their work would be made easier - even if it meant stepping out of their comfort zone - they became more motivated.

The moral of this story? If the reason for a decision is clearly communicated to the staff, namely for the growth of the company and of the entire team, all employees will gladly follow the course of the growth mindset. This is how you reach your goals together.