Buy me a Coffee

Buy me a Coffee

I believe in trying and experimenting. Over and over again. There are two reasons why I started my blog. The first one is because I really enjoy helping other (future) entrepreneurs start or scale their businesses. But there is also a second reason. And that is that I like to try things. My whole blog and everything around it is a big playground for me as a person. I try everything and experiment a lot. My preference is the so called no-code software. The reason for this is that I simply cannot code myself. This blog is about my latest experiment, Buy me a coffee.

"Do you think my blogs have helped you and do you want to thank me for that? Then you can use the link to send me a donation of which I can drink some nice coffee while writing ;)" Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

How beautiful is this! It took me literally 10 minutes including creating a Stripe account to install this and immediately people could support me through my own Homepage. Now you will probably think why I do that but make no mistake. There are millions of people who live off what they do online and with software like this it is easier than ever. It also gives you another way of making money from your content without having to wallpaper your entire site with banners or other advertising.

In an increasingly commercial world where transactions are becoming less transparent, this is a very refreshing way to make the transaction between sender and receiver transparent again. I also like the non-committal form of it. This way you can decide for yourself whether you value it and if so, how much.

If I can do it...

Would you like to make use of such a simple way to generate income? Then go to You can sign up immediately and add your existing or new stripe or Paypal account so you can start right away. They offer free extra buttons that you can easily adjust and add to your site. For your information, I don't earn anything by promoting this service. I just think it is such a nice service.

A very nice new addition they recently made gives you the possibility to offer extra (digital) products against payment. This way you can start a virtual webshop in 3 simple steps. This completely opens the door to help your followers even better and get compensated for it, so you can spend even more time creating valuable new content.


Is "Buy me a Coffee" free?

Yes and no or a fee structure. You pay Buymeacoffe a fee of 5% per transaction. This is in addition to your payment fee at Stripe or Paypal. However, there are no monthly fees or setup fees involved. Does that make it cheap? Personally, I think 5% is quite high. Yet the simplicity is really great and you can start without any risk. If you're going to make millions, you can always pay a programmer to add an ideal page yourself ;). Like I said I want to try things without needing someone from outside. And this was the perfect way.

Do you recommend it?

What a lame question, Sam. I think you've mentioned it more than once now. But in case you missed it. I say yes! Until the moment that the 5% is enough to hire someone of course :). I don't know if I would do that. Sometimes it saves a lot not to have the responsibility for everything. And trust me I speak from experience ;). But keep on experimenting and enjoy it!



Ps. Here are the key takeaways:

1. Starting online is easier than ever before

2. Earning money can be done in more ways than you think

3. Experiments often go wrong but you learn quickly because of it

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